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air conditioning repair

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If your air conditioning is not working properly try a few of these do it yourself tips before you call for air conditioning repair:

  • Check your filter. If you hold it up to a light source like the sun or a light fixture and can’t see light through it, it is past the time to replace it. A blockage caused by a dirty filter can cause diminished air flow, or ice build up on the coil. Remove the filter, turn the air conditioning off, turn the fan switch on your thermostat to the on or manual position and allow the fan to run for 2 hours to melt any possible ice accumulation. Re-try the AC after 2 hours and see if this helped.
  • Check to make sure your air conditioning and furnace has power. Check the breaker in your electrical panel. You can also check the outlet your furnace is plugged into with a small plug in appliance like a radio or table lamp. If it works than you know your furnace has power.
  • Check to make sure your thermostat batteries have been replaced if your thermostat uses them.
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the return air vents. If the unit cannot draw in air from these registers, it will cause a failure.
  • Have you recently changed your filter or opened the furnace? All newer furnaces have a door safety switch that kills the furnace if the doors have not been properly installed. Your furnace or air handler moves the air for AC and heat. Check to make sure your doors are on properly.

If none of these tips help or if you don’t feel confident trying these do it yourself air conditioning repair tips yourself call us at (520) 623-5449 or fill out the service request form and we will send out a technician to figure out the problem. Our diagnostic fee covers the time it takes our trained technician in a well stocked service truck to get to your home and diagnose the problem. The technician will then show you upfront how much the repair will cost before the repair begins.

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