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Duct cleaning plays a very important role in the indoor air quality in your home. Contaminants that can be found in your air duct system can include simple household dust, debris from the construction of your home (even in older homes!), bacteria, fungus, viruses & mold.


​We have removed dead rodents and all the lovely things that they brought in such as fiberglass insulation, tree & plant parts (including cactus), waste paper, countless droppings, and the little critters that reside on rodents. We have even removed kittens from a duct system. They were alive and completely healthy, and given to good homes. Mark, our General Manager even took one home.

We use the most thorough method of duct decontamination available. It is known as the “push pull method”. We use our triple HEPA filtered negative air machine to create a vacuum in your duct system. Then the air whips and/or rotating brush agitation devices are used to push the contaminants to the negative air machine while it pulls.

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